We warmly welcome you to Conscious Birthing and invite you to take time to connect with your pregnancy, with baby, and to prepare and reflect on your new roles as you move into parenthood.

During pregnancy, so many changes occur both internally and externally, from your body to your relationships, your perspectives, to your goals and needs, bringing many challenges and much potential. Yet our culture can sometimes seem to offer little more than a ‘conveyor belt’ of clinical procedures, scare stories and material pressure. These aspects, alongside our busy, often stressful lives, can often result in us missing the moments in which to truly acknowledge, prepare for, and ultimately be present during this unique time. 

At Conscious Birthing, we are passionate about reclaiming this magical journey of pregnancy through birth and beyond, and we offer you our services for the whole childbearing year, inviting you to engage with this rite of passage into parenthood with confidence and excitement...and to enjoy the great adventure!

Our aim is to educate, support and empower both women and partners, helping you to make informed choice, to advocate for those choices during labour and birth, as you let go and relax into the process, and to deeply nurture you as you begin your journey into parenthood.

We truly value and revere the power of your own intuition (often referred to as 'Mother's intuition') as it gathers force, and we strive to help cultivate this within you, encouraging you to grow into your new role in a natural and relaxed way. We believe in nurturing father's/partner's intuitive values too and work closely with all partners; educating, supporting and encouraging each individual into an inherent and intuitive empowerment.

Here at Conscious Birthing we have a strong ethos of engaging our heads and hearts as Doulas, and we offer you a truly balanced, engaged and connected service, from this stance. We bring you the wisdom of an ancient service, firmly based in its grassroots tradition, whilst remaining fully engaged with cutting-edge knowledge, evidence-based research, practice and protocol. We are professional people, following a lay tradition. 

We offer you our experienced companionship for you to utilise in whatever way most suits your specific story; from simply holding and encouraging to supporting your VBAC, debriefing previous birth trauma, negotiating your way through a necessary medical intervention/avoiding unnecessary intervention, to waterbirth, home or birth centre choices. There are never two pregnancies, births or parenting stories the same, just as there are never two people the same.                 

Each of our Doulas here (http://consciousbirthing.co.uk/find-a-doula)  have completed a rigorous and challenging process of learning, self-examination, reflection and personal growth, with the support and nurturing of a team of Facilitators and Student Guides. As a result, we can confidently offer you a high calibre of reliability, integrity and absolute faith in the process, without our own agendas or judgements. We are here to serve you in your choices, whatever they may be, to encourage you to take your time, to consider, to engage, to feel validated and to feel heard. We are listening... 




Conscious Birthing Ethos

To acknowledge birth and its roots; remembering our inherent ability to give life in an undisturbed, natural way. 

To acknowledge that we are always fully supportive of your choices, wherever and however you choose to give birth.

To help you to steer a course of your own making, rather than become lost in a system.

To encourage you to listen to and trust your intuition.

To help you become informed, and therefore empowered, around decision making throughout your pregnancy, birthing and new parenting experience.

To, when appropriate, encourage you to venture inward, seeking out your own roots of strength as well as weeding out those roots of fear which do not serve you. 

To help you to prepare for the unexpected by learning how to remain focused and empowered; setting your intentions alongside practicing flexibility and adaptation for if things don't go according to 'plan'...empowering all to birth in love, beyond form.


"I wouldn't have had the extraordinary birth I had without Kate - she has a gift. I wish more women could have the opportunity to experience what I have experienced." - Natasha

"Our Doula instilled me with deep confidence to support during labour and again as a new dad." - Steve