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We warmly welcome you to Conscious Birthing and congratulate you on your pregnancy.

At Conscious Birthing, we are passionate about the magical, empowering journey of pregnancy and childbirth and offer you our services for the whole Childbearing year.

Our aim is to educate, support and empower both women and partners, allowing you to make informed decisions naturally, from a balanced and confident perspective.

Conscious Birthing Doulas acknowledge your own journey of pregnancy, birth and parenting in all its uniqueness, guiding you throughout this awesome experience, allowing you to relax and trust in the process within the knowledge that you are truly supported.                    

During pregnancy, so many changes occur both internally and externally, yet our present day culture seems to offer little more than a ‘conveyor belt’ of clinical procedures. This aspect, coupled with our busy, often stressful lives, can result in there being no space or time left for us in which to truly acknowledge and prepare for this unique time.

Conscious Birthing also extends a warm welcome to those of you who want to take time out to truly connect with your growing baby within. Baby has already experienced nine months of life by the time she/he is born, so of course the relationship between you can begin at the start of your pregnancy. We are here to help you make that special bond, which will be there for the rest of your lives... 

The pregnancy, therapies and holistic Doula services we offer invite you to prepare, with humour and integrity, for one of the greatest adventures of your life…


We also offer Doula training and a Childbirth Educator training programme. Please visit our Doula Training website,‚Äč/ , for further information.




Conscious Birthing Ethos

To acknowledge birth and its roots; remembering our inherent ability to give life in an undisturbed, natural way. 

To also acknowledge that we are always fully supportive of your choices, wherever and however you choose to give birth.

To help you to steer a course of your own making, rather than become lost in a system.

To encourage you to listen to and trust your intuition.

To help you become informed, and therefore empowered, around decision making throughout your pregnancy and birthing experience.

To, when appropriate, encourage you to venture inward, seeking out your roots of strength as well as those roots of fear which do not serve you. 

To help you to prepare for the unexpected by learning how to remain focused and empowered, when things don't go according to 'plan', through practising flexibility and adaptation as a means to prevent feelings of failure.


"I wouldn't have had the extraordinary birth I had without my Doula - she has a gift. I wish more women could have the opportunity to experience what I have experienced." - Natasha


"Our Doula instilled me with confidence." - Steve