Jakki Hesse

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Student Postnatal Doula. ​Jakki trained with Conscious Birthing in November 2017 as she had a calling to this work after being present for the birth of her Godson in 2014. Jakki supported her best friend through the birth process followed by a week long baby moon, where she supported mum, dad and baby through the first week of getting to know each other by cooking for the family, light cleaning and emotional support with lots of tea drinking and help with getting used to breast feeding and assistance with getting to appointments. Jakki feels that the fourth trimester is one of the important parts of birth that tends to be forgotten and is passionate about supporting families through those initial few days, when the reality hits that there is now a little person who is relying on you for their every need. She feels that it is important for the family to have that emotional support, an extra pair of hands to help and someone to listen to your fears and remind you that everything is exactly as it is meant to be and you CAN do it. Jakki has been trained in massage since 2006 and specialises in scar work, particularly c- section birth scars. She also uses sound therapy and Reiki and offers pregnancy massage. Jakki is prepared to travel where ever she is needed contact Jakki on 07794246211 or jakki.hesse@icloud.com