Esme Shea

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Student Birth Doula:

I grew up in a family where birth was deeply honoured and the intuitive wisdom of women celebrated. At the age of nine, I was present for the birth of my younger brother, who was born in water in our living room. I witnessed the power and confidence of my mother, trusting in her body’s wisdom as she birthed. Even at such a young age, this was a profound experience -  a wellspring in which I found an inner knowing and deep trust of the birthing process. 


As I move through life, I am called to women’s work and feel a deep remembering of a time when women gathered and supported each other through the passages of life. I believe that pregnancy and birth are a truly sacred time – a rites of passage and transformation. 

I feel passionate about holding space for women and their partners as they navigate this journey, to explore all that arises and facilitate informed and empowered decision making.


As a Student Doula I am honoured to be embarking on this path to support women and their families through pregnancy and birth. My intention is always to bring an open heart and presence to my work.  As well as draw on my relationship with the earth and it’s cycles; a connection that continues to reveal  to me the beautiful wild power of women and their bodies. 


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