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Student Birth doula. I’m Annie. I live in Cornwall and require lots of sea air to keep me sane! I have identical twin boys who are 4 years old. I am passionate about all things birth, mothering and child development related. I am currently working for a charity who specialises in supporting young parent families and my role is to provide support to mums who may need a ‘helping hand’ to prosper a little bit more as a mummy. I have lots of experience working with babies, infants and mums antenatally and postnatally. My gap has been the birthing part of the story and I was totally blown away with how connected and enthused I came away feeling after the TIDE course with Kate Woods in November 2019. I would like to help parents to have a birth which is their own story, in which they feel in control and in charge of meeting their baby. I am an advocate of breaking negative cycles in someone’s life journey and believe that birth can sometimes be the catalyst of many people’s trauma if you are unsupported during this vulnerable time. As a doula I will bring my listening ear, my time and above all my joy and passion to the role.  I have personal experience of multiple births and time spent in neonatal. I have The Lullaby Trust safer sleep training, safeguarding training and much experience working with people who have poor mental health. I live in St. Day in Cornwall and can travel to areas located within an hour of me. 

Currently I am also working part time and a mummy to 4-year-old boys, but give me an email or a call and we can chat about your needs. 

I also love to be outside whatever the weather, eating and drinking vegan food and laughing and dancing lots! 


Phone: 07753463838 

Facebook: @doulaannie