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Post Natal Service

Postnatal Doula Service

We also offer a postnatal service, to support and guide new Mum's and Dad's. This service is available either hourly or live-in and can be booked to run straight after your birth, allowing continuity of care and a sense of support in those early days/weeks.

Postnatal care includes; Guidance in establishing breastfeeding, light housekeeping chores, shopping, night care for Mum and baby and help establishing a routine if necessary, support in learning to bathe and nappy change babe and many other tasks. Please see below reference.

Kate offers this service within Somerset and is available to travel to your home also.


Postnatal Reference; live-in position January 2009

Kate is an absolute natural with children. She was fantastic with our daughter Cecilia, and I learned so much from watching her. Kate has a very calm aura about her, and Cecilia responded to that. While she is a naturally calm and contented baby, I feel sure that Kate contributed to her contentedness by the way she talked to, held, sang, smiled at and reassured Cecilia. 

Kate was also a very reassuring presence for me. As a first-time mother, I had endless questions for her, which she answered very patiently and thoughtfully. Kate is extremely experienced with babies, and has two children of her own, and I felt that she had seen so much and had a very sensible, down-to-earth approach. At the same time, I appreciated the way that she never imposed her own theories or methods onto me. I noticed that she allowed me to come up with answers and to handle things in the way I thought best. Kate would support me and guide me but never bossed me around or tried to take charge, like some maternity nurses or doulas might be tempted to do. 

Kate was also very helpful around the house, which was so important in the first few weeks, when everything revolved around caring for our baby. She anticipated mine and my husband’s needs to an extraordinary degree, and was tireless in trying to make things easier for us. She made me healthy juices and delicious flapjacks, prepared lovely salads and cooked meals for us, made endless journeys up and down our stairs to sort out laundry and other household chores. She encouraged me to take a rest in the afternoons, and looked after Cecilia, so I would be able to switch off. She was a very tactful presence too, and would quietly leave the room if she felt that my husband and I needed some time to talk on our own. 

Kate has a great sense of humour, a very strong sense of service and a kind heart. She is very experienced, very calm and extremely good with children, and a very easy person to live with. I cannot recommend her highly enough as the right person to help parents of a newborn baby at this most momentous and precious of times. 

Caroline Shaw.