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Doula Training

Conscious Birthing Doula Training Courses are based on the foundations of many years of learning and experience within the field, allowing us to share what we have learnt and continue to learn, along the path of this truly unique vocation.


Doula Training March 2010

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This innovative training week takes place in various venues around the UK and the course content is shared through a broad spectrum of teaching mediums.

We initially explore our own relationship with birth, in order to debrief any personal experiences, to create a clear internal space  from which we can begin to explore how best to support women and their families throughout the childbearing year, from an empowered, non-judgemental place.

Exploring our role as Doula throughout the Childbearing Year is the central focus, as we self-enquire around our own inherent attitudes towards different attitudes and outcomes.

We discuss a myriad of potential birth experiences, from home or birthing centre to hospital, from water and natural birth, to the more medicalised procedures which can arise during birth, and their potential outcomes.

We spend time sharing tips and experiences of working with Pregnant and Postnatal women and their families, looking at some of the issues and topics which can be raised during this precious time.


 “Inspiring, highly informative, well rounded, deep, empowering, enjoyable and kind!” Helen March 2010


The memory of birthing is one which stays, in close focus, forever. Those who are privileged and intrepid enough to walk within this realm, with woman, will learn much, in an ever unfolding journey of learning, of highs and lows, moments of grace, missed night’s sleep, tears of joy and sometimes of frustration!

To ‘train’ in such a field is, in some ways, a contradiction in terms, as not only is the whole of a Doula’s career a lifetime of training, but also, of course, such training only truly starts once we begin to experience it.

However, our Courses provide much information on the shapes and sounds of labour, the physiology of birth, the interplay of hormones and how we can help protect nature’s intricate and perfect rhythm. We look at Natural pain relief as well as the various medical models  and  focus on the many tried and tested ways in which to be of best assistance within the role of Doula.